Questions for God
A Ten Book Children’s Series
Q4G 10 Book Set Now English and Spanish
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Questions for God Curriculum

Questions for God is God’s Salvation History plan told from beginning (creation) to the end (eternity).
This series will enhance and strengthen any other catechetical material by providing a timeline framework upon which other texts may build.
Questions for God will make any catechism series more effective.

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Questions for God curriculum

As Questions for God covers many subjects not covered in various other texts, and has one book devoted entirely to the Sacraments, it is appropriate to start reading out loud starting at baptism continuing daily through the 2nd grade (First Holy Communion Prep). The simple wording makes difficult concept more easily understood. Individual books will be useful in grades 3-8 as students study the spread of the Church including Apostolic Succession (Book 8), the Sacraments (Book 9) and Purgatory, Heaven and Hell (Book 10).

Question for God can be used year after year. As the other texts used will change, Questions for God will continue to provide the framework for a more complete catechesis as the years progress. The repetition of the salvation history story, together with the additional catechesis during pre/K, 1st and 2nd grade, will offer a firm Faith foundation for the young child.