Questions for God
A Ten Book Children’s Series
Q4G 10 Book Set Now English and Spanish
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Immaculate Heart Radio Spring 2008 Interview

Joseph Nesta and Steve Wise interview author Peggy Olds on May 21, 2008.
The interview was broadcase live.

Listen to Ave Maria Radio Interview

Teresa Tomeo interviews author Peggy Olds on March 4, 2008.
The interview was broadcast live on Catholic Connection,
Teresa Tomeo's radio Program on Ave Maria Radio.

Listen to Kevin Roberts Testimonial

Hello, Mrs. Olds, this is Kevin Roberts with Pope John Paul II Academy in Louisiana. I am very happy to report that in talking to my kindergartern teacher this morning, she says that those books are the best that she's ever used. So we would be very happy, both Miss Huntley and I, to put that on any marketing materials, promotional materials to let the NAPCIS (National Association of Private Catholic Independent Schools) people know, especially their conference when we have our Curriculum Review.

Dr. Kevin Roberts, Headmaster
Pope John Paul II Academy
Lafayette, LA

Listen to Therisa Stack's Testimonial

Peggy, this is Therisa again. I've just been crying. This is so beautifully done. This DVD is just awesome. The grandbaby is watching it and she's just into it. It's just so cool. They did an awesome job, oh, my God, congratulations, it's beautiful. You did an awesome job its great. Thanks!

Therisa Stack
Stack & Associates
Tavernier, FL

"With fewer and fewer Catholic parishes having their own grade schools, the parish Religious Education program has taken on a huge importance. There are materials for every age level from K thru Grade 12. In my experience, however, there is a lack of quality textbooks for the real little kids, age 3 to 6. This void has now been filled with the delightful ten volumes of the "Questions for God" series written by Peggy Olds and illustrated by Audrey Merschman. Within these colorful books the entire spectrum of the Catholic Faith is covered with lots of pictures and a few simple words. My favorite is the second book, "God, Who Are the Angels?" The concept of angels is a tough one for humans to grasp. This wonderful book makes good reading for ages 30 to 60 as well as 3 to 6. I highly recommend all ten volumes."

Father Edward D. Gleeson, Pastor
St. James at Sag Bridge
Lemont, IL

Rev. Enrique Delgado
of St Justine Martyr Church in Key Largo FL,
blessing the books

"QUESTIONS FOR GOD is very inspirational reading for children.
I highly recommend it."

Rev. Enrique Delgado, Pastor
St. Justin Martyr Catholic Church

"A new sort of Catechism has recently fallen into my hands. Its worth your time (If you're in the CCD ministry) to look into it and at it. You'll find it attractive, lovely, and perhaps leave you saying, "Hey, this is just right for kids." Beside its format, the contents are beguiling. Its Christian Doctrine (truth) is clearly and easily explained. Somewhere in Scriptures it is said, "You shall know the Truth and the Truth will set you free." Well, this set of books can help set little minds free to love our Lord profoundly. Worth a look-see!"

Reverend Francis Bagan, O.M.I.
Immaculate Conception Catholic Church,
Perry, Florida

"This is clearly a series loving created - with a love for children; a love for the Catholic faith; and a love for learning. It enjoys the Nihil Obstat of Bishop Rassass of the Archdiocese of Chicago; and the layout and quality of printing is top notch. A very attractive product. The illustrations are simple, elegant, and gracious - befitting the subject matter and especially appealing and accessible to its readers."

Rev. Bob Schreiner, Pastor
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
Crookston, MN

I thought of Peggy Olds and Audrey Merschman recently as I proclaimed the passage from Luke's Gospel in which Jesus claims, "No prophet gains acceptance in his native place." Little do the parishioners know that among them are two women who combined to produce such a beautifully conceived and implemented set of children's books as Questions for God. The high quality of the original artwork is only surpassed by that of the narrative: salvation history from creation through redemption, as formulated for the pre-school Catholic. In clarifying the message for their children, parents will no doubt deepen their own understanding of the faith that "...we are proud to profess" (words taken from the Catholic baptismal liturgy).

Deacon Richard J. Venezia
Islamorada, FL